The Business Masterclass

The business Masterclass (TBM) is a signature coaching program designed to provide participants with a step-by-step blueprint of how to think, plan, start, launch and grow a successful business venture effectively and efficiently i.e. resourcefully.  The program aims to give aspiring founders and early-stage entrepreneurs an intimate understanding and knowledge of what it really takes to build a successful startup. It imparts participants with cutting-edge tools, techniques, systems, skills, and strategies much need for creating a business that can not only survive but grow and thrive in any market and economy.

TBM sets itself apart from anything else of its kind because it bridges the gap between theory and practice. By design, the program demands that all participants meet specific targets, in a fixed timeframe following a systematic process, without fail. In a groundbreaking eight (8) Week intense group and one-on-one coaching schedule; participants work closely with well-seasoned subject-matter experts who employ best practices guaranteeing the optimum realization of predetermined desired outputs.

Course Overview

Starting up a business in today’s accelerated; complex and globally competitive marketplace is not an easy task. One has to carry the burden of formulating new ideas, organizing scarce resources and taking unsecured risk without a guarantee of even getting a return on investment. From the onset, the odds are stacked against becoming a successful new venture founder.

Without a practical blueprint and continued strategic nurturing in your startup journey by well season subject matter experts, your chances for failure are enormous. Business Masterclass is offered to give you practical insights on how to think, plan, design, launch and grow a profitable business venture in the fastest time possible resourcefully with minimum chances of failure and loss.

Entrepreneurship is about taking an idea and turning it into a vivid DREAM, prioritizing yourself into a series of value adding activities that becomes your daily MISSION and sustaining perseverance and determination until the realization of that your ideal VISION.” – Bob Kalili

Learning Objectives

At the end of the eight (8) week coaching, participants will be able to:

  • Experience a transformational reprogramming of the mind, emotion, body and energy guaranteeing a successful entrepreneurial pursuit
  • Understand how to unlock and maximize their potential in life and business
  • Apply tools and techniques to explore viable business opportunities allowing them to work less and earn more
  • Get their business off the ground quickly and kill procrastination
  • Build the right brand that attracts more customers and secures their loyalty
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, habits and emotions threatening entrepreneurial success
  • Develop strategies that will competitively positioning their business for marketplace disruption and sustainability
  • Think creatively and analytically in solving complex challenges
  • Build the right systems, process and structures that will allow the business to run itself successfully effectively and efficiently
  • Network with other business founders

This course is for:

  • Aspiring business owners
  • Early start-up founders
  • Small business owners
  • Anyone ready to turn their side hustle into a fully fledged business
  • All that want to transform their purpose, passion, mission or profession into thriving business opportunity
  • Anyone who is in the process of setting up a business
  • Employees who are currently in their process of transition or are thinking of leaving employment and venture into entrepreneurship

How does it work?

We deliver a highly intense and exclusive knowledge-based, training, coaching, and mentorship support you need to bring your business dream to life. We start with you from idea through to its execution into a competitively positioned business scaling itself successfully to marketplace sustainability.

We believe that deeply buried inside you lies untapped potential waiting to be unlocked and transformed into a thriving business opportunity. You do not exist in this world to only serve the mission and build the vision of others throughout your existence. You have a purpose, meaning and unique assignment of also contributing value to others. There is a  FOUNDER in you!

Our approach

TBM is a highly intense entrepreneurship mastery course that covers six (6) core modules within a period of eight (8) Weeks. The classes run once a week for three (3) hours; Friday at 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Saturdays 8 am to 12:00 noon.

 Assignments are issued after each session to necessitate the bridging of the gap between theory and practice. Participants are required to confirm preferred class option at the point of enrollment.

Our Entrepreneurship Masterclass course constitutes:

  • Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Startup Ideation & Concept Development
  • Business Strategy Planning, Formulation & Execution
  • Strategic Branding & Marketing for Startups
  • Business Process Mapping, Modeling & Analysis
  • Startup Sales & Traction Acceleration
  • Managing and Growing Your Business Success

Key skills that will be transferred:

  • Entrepreneurship mastery
  • Business modeling
  • Value proposition designing
  • Strategy planning, development and implementation
  • Strategic brand and marketing management
  • Business process management
  • Sales management
  • Personality development: mindset, emotions, habits and productivity management
  • Systems, creative, design & analytical thinking

The total cost for the six (6) weeks is Kshs. 55,500 (exclusive of 16%VAT) per person for learning within an open group setting of 25 participants at a predefined location. This fee does not include any meals or printed materials within those setting.

For personalized one on one coaching and mentorship within an exclusive setting the cost for eight (8 weeks) is Kshs. 155,500 (exclusive of 16%VAT) per person. If a company constitutes multiple directors a discount of (30%) will be issued upon registration. The fee covers training, refreshments at the classes, a program manual as well as membership into an exclusive business mastermind community of like-minded founders and business enthusiasts dedicated to growing with a purpose.