Personal Growth, Development and Transformational Self Leadership

Organizations are made up of people who by nature have emotions, feelings, habits, attitudes, beliefs, mindsets paradigms and so on. The primary interest of any employer is to maximize productivity of the workers. Most leadership place focus on the technical competency of the staff but overlook something greater, their personality. Personality is the x-factor in all of us that controls how we, think, feel and act. One of the most important things an organization can do to nurture and retain is to provide its employees with opportunity for personal growth and development. By developing the person from “within” you automatically impact their results “without”.

Personal growth and development covers activities that help to improve` awareness and identity, maximize talent and potential, enhance quality living and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.   It refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems that support human development at the individual level. Our personal growth and development courses are designed to help your employees improve self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-esteem, manage emotions and limiting habits, identify hidden talents and potential areas for improvement, build employability skills, promote productive living and improve social intelligence at the workplace. We are ready to partner with you and transform your organization from within.

Our Personal Growth, Development and Transformational Self Leadership courses constitute:

  • Self Leadership: Maximization of Potential in Life & Work
  • Mastering Your Mind: Reprogramming yourself for Success
  • Procrastination & Personal Efficiency Management
  • Developing Confidence & Self Belief
  • Mastering Persuasion, Influence & Assertiveness
  • Managing Personal change: Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself
  • Decluttering Your Mind
  • Self Mastery & Emotional Intelligence
  • Habits Mastery: Eliminating Success Limiting Behaviors
  • Personal Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
  • Personal Brand Management
  • Developing Clarity: Finding Purpose & Meaning in Life
  • Becoming Extraordinary: Unlocking & Maximizing Your Potential in Life
  • Effective Decision Making: Compounding Your Way to Success
  • Self Maximization: Mastering High-Level Achievement
  • Laws of Success: Mastering the Principles of Self Actualization in Life
  • Thinking Clearly in a Complex World
  • Starting Over: Reinventing Yourself for New Experience in Life
  • Becoming Relentless: Developing Drive, Passion & Enthusiasm to Get Things Done
  • Mastering Self Discipline: Building Metal Toughness, Willpower and Courage in Difficult Times
  • Selling Yourself: Letting the World Know Your Brand
  • Strategic Thinking & Decision Making
  • The Art of Letting go
  • Systems Thinking: Aligning Your Day to Day Living to Desired Outcomes
  • Mastering Failure: Learning & Adapting from Past Failures to Build Future Success
  • Personal Management: Organizing Your Life for Maximum Achievement
  • Positive Thinking: Reprogramming Your Mind for Optimistic Living